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Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Understanding the effects of alcohol would be preceded by defining what alcohol is. Alcohol is an intoxicating substance found in beer, wine and other hard liquor, alcohol naturally comes from carbohydrates when certain micro-organisms metabolize these foods with oxygen in a fermentation process. Alcohol produces both short term and long term effects. All the same, it is largely depended on the quantity taken, who has taken it and the person’s physical and health condition. That notwithstanding, alcohol has effects on those who take it. The short term effects include drowsiness, diarrhea, upset stomach, headaches, breathing challenges, slurred speech, distorted hearing and vision, unconsciousness, coma, loss of red blood cells, impaired judgment, decreased coordination and perception and even blackouts.

Alcohol has produced various effects impacting differently on the drinkers. The persistent taking of alcoholic substances is linked to a number of health risks. For one, there have been a lot of unintentional injuries, like burns, heavy falls, the drowning and car crash. Other injuries resulting from alcohol could also be intentional like sexual assault, firearm injuries and domestic violence. There is also a high chance of rendering the alcohol abuser unproductive. Heavy drinking can make a person weak and not available to work. This reduces the person’s productive ability and causing injuries to his job and family, as well. Alcohol can lead to an increased dependency if not well mastered and controlled. The alcohol taker becomes a burden to the close family members.

The consumption of alcohol has become a highly debated issue because of the effects it has had on the people taking it. The issue has reached greater heights particularly in recent research that has connected even the measurable alcohol intake with high risks of contracting cancer. The drinking of alcohol has been identified as one of the cause of family challenges and even broken relationships. Alcohol could also result in poisoning. It has also contributed to stroke, high blood pressure and diseases related to the heart, damage to brain nerves, sexual problems, permanent brain damage, ulcers, malnutrition, throat and mouth cancer, deficiency in vitamin B1 that can be a gateway to apathy, disorientation and amnesia. The inflammation of walls of the stomach (gastritis) could also result from alcohol taking.

Alcohol substances have had effects on liver disease. With the moderate taking of alcohol, the liver can manage processing alcohol in a safe manner. All the same, a lot of alcohol consumption overworks the liver leading to very dire consequences. A liver full of fat causes the cells in it to become inefficient while doing the required tasks it should handle. It results to an impairment of the nutritional health of the person. A condition characterized with a fatty liver is the initial stage of deterioration in alcohol abusers. This condition interferes with the absorption of nutrients and oxygen to the liver cells. A persistent nature of the condition causes the liver cells to die. This leads to the formation of a fibrous scar tissue which is the second phase in the deterioration of liver, a condition known as fibrosis. A number of cells in the liver can regenerate with alcohol abstinence and good nutrition. The final stage of liver deterioration, commonly known as cirrhosis, where the liver cells are damaged, is not reversible.

Alcohol has facilitated the state of malnutrition in heavy alcohol takers. Moderate alcohol drinkers have not been faced by this challenge of suppressing the intake of food. Moderate takers of alcohol have realized increased appetites. The excessive alcohol consumption has caused a very opposite effect. Alcohol taken excessively has been found to be one of the causes of euphoria which has readily depressed appetite amongst the affected. Heavy alcohol takers have apparently eaten sparingly and malnourished as a result. It is important to know that alcohol has very high content of energy of about 7 calories in each gram. Wholesome sugar and fat calories do not usually have nutrients. The more calories a person takes into the body through the consumption of alcohol, the less likely that there will be enough nutrients in the food they eat. The chronic abuse of alcohol has produced the worst of all effects. It has been found to displace calories form the required body nutrients and at the same time interferes with the nutrients metabolism in the body. This leads to the case as earlier aforementioned about damaging the liver, the system of digestion and almost every organ in the human body.

In conclusion, alcohol has produced a lot of effects in the lives of those who have abused it. The consumption of alcohol has rendered many people unproductive. The problem shifts from an individual issue to a problem of the society. The affected person becomes a bother to the people he or she relates with closely. There is overdependence which limits the progress of the other society members. The effects range from emotional, physical to health related complications that have endangered the lives of alcoholics. At the individual level, the liver has been the most affected organ of the body since it is usually over-tasked in occasions where alcohol has been taken without limits. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption is harmful to the body. Alcohol produces different effects to different people based on various factors. It is important to exercise caution, while making a choice of taking in alcohol, to make sure it is within the limits that the body can contain.

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