How do Events work?
  • The events are a set of Fashion Contests for players to earn Stars. The number of Stars you earn awards you a certain amount of Banknotes, XP and Mystery Chests for Today's Events.
  • To enter an event, players must spend Tickets. Tickets can be earned by voting, through completing Daily Tasks, by opening Daily Gifts or are available for purchase with Diamonds.
  • Players can enter a different style for each event.
  • Each event has a different time until results and a unique Ticket cost.
  • Rewards are calculated based on how many stars you earned. You can see what the potential rewards from a contest are by choosing "Enter" in the Style Contest menu and then tapping "Rewards" in the next window.

What determines how many stars I get?

You get stars according to how many people voted for you in the event.

How can I earn more stars?

There are a variety of ways to get inspiration for looks with higher stars. The voting section of the game also gives you an idea of what looks are "winning" in the contests, and what looks are more popular.

It seems like I'm not getting stars added to my total.

You only get new stars added to your total by earning new stars. So, if you have already earned five stars in an event, you cannot earn any more stars from that event. If you have only won one star from an event, you can earn up to fours more stars for that event total.