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How to access iCloud Photos on Window PC?

Apple iCloud is a free synchronization feature that enables you to synchronize content across your entire Apple device. For instance, you can instantly view the picture on your Mac when you capture a picture on your iPhone. But most of the time the questions being asked how to access iCloud photos on Window PC. We will discuss in this forum that how you can do this using various different ways.

We will first discuss how to access photos iCloud Photos to window PC or MAC:


Here are the simple steps you can follow in order to download iCloud photos.


1. Go to and login to "Photos" as usual.

2. Scroll down the All Photos album and click the "Select All Photos" button at the top of the iCloud Photos bar

3. Hold down the Shift key and click the very last picture of the album, this should select every picture from the All Photos album as 4. shown in the iCloud Photos bar "WXYZ products selected"

5. Now select the yellow "Download" important at the bottom of the iCloud Photos bar with all iCloud Photos images selected.

6. Confirm you want to download all selected photos (this can be hundreds or thousands) and click "Download".


I hope this forum will help you to access iCloud photos on Window PC or Mac.

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