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Energy Won & Purple Chests

Hello. I had a few questions, as well as suggestions. 1.) When we first log onto the game every day we are given an option to win an unknown prize, be it energy, gems, chests, etc. I've won energy a couple times now, but I don't know where it's going. It can only hold up to 5 energy in the arena at once, so it's not added to that. Where can I find it? B.) I've been winning purple chests but I've already completed the Halloween set, so it just says "Coming Soon." Will I get to keep the chests I win in the interim? 3.) I have some items in my "Closet" that are repeats. I know there's at least two matching sets of eyes - I even went back and forth with them on my avatar, and nothing changed. Is it possible to get rid of any duplicates? Suggestions: Having a "Favorites" area (or filling up our own little store) for future purchases from shops. Right now it's a lot of back and forth, trying to find a specific item every time, when we can't remember what store it was in. Adding friends in the game, and ways to communicate with one another. Not everyone has friends on Facebook who play - or are willing to play - the game. Plus, it'd be really neat to be able to chat amongst ourselves. P.S. - Does it ever post anything from the game to our Facebook? A lot of games will do that, but only our friends can see it. Thank you for any assistance you can provide with these issues. I really appreciate it. God bless. Find the Joy! Sammeigh
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