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How do I get the ribbons plz help.. I really do like this game and would like to continue playing

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I need to know the same thing, I have collected so much of everything except ribbons and its setting me back. I really don't want to uninstall this app but I feel I'm at a roadblock. Please help! How/Where do I collect ribbons?

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Hey there girls, ribbons are earned from the events you attend. You must be voted a 4 or 5 stars in order to get them and you get them on your piece of clothing. I hope you enjoy the game 
I was wondering the same question how do receive the ribbons. But I seen the other comment and answer thanks.

 I got such a large number of ribbons by simply going around and restoring and recuperating players in Operation Locker. I had a score of around 15,000 before the finish of the match.

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I have got Ribbonz information at Coursework Help UK where I go crazy to play. Looking forward to playing this game.

There must be some builtin option available by which you can buy ribbons. Further, dissertation help is also working to find more suitable option for you.

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