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Daily Tasks Not Coming

Plz help daily tasks are not coming since 2days.

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Thanks for the report! We will look into it.


I have this same problem.
Same problem also.

I am having this same problem.....and frankly I am a bit upset that they have updated the game to take away my "fame cups" while I sleep or go to work and I am not playing the game, yet they still cant fix my daily tasks to reset each day so I can at least try to regain them.......

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You need to reset your email address. I experienced the same problem last month. I got assistance with Write My Assignment Experts. They told me to reset my email address after then everything was fixed. 

Yeah facing this similar issue, you can say it's very irritating also when there is no daily task update, its really get up my nose, because just for playing this game I especially bought surface go from ReeCoupons, plz update your game and especially update daily task.



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