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My game crashed and its start from the begining

Hai there.. i need help.. I played fashion all time. I reached 132 level A + . But this morning was shock when i restart my phone then i open fashion cup. Log in to my facebook then its start from the begining.. please help. Can you turn it back. I just want my level . My carrier and my clothes are back again. My id facebook Waybil Gresik Please help Thank you..

I can't get energy when i vote 
My games kept crashing and take me to the start when I reach almost the end. Then start asking do I like the game with a lot of pop ups. This happened three times I have crashed and started over again this game kept asking me do I like the game with a lot of pop ups Kimberly.
The pop up come when you crash there is some connection issues the game does not load also.
I should be one A+ by now or pass it. But the connection problems and crashing kepts me starting over over over again the next time the game crashes will quit and no I do no like this , I played cafeland same problem the crashing and starting over is why I stop playing. Some if their game you have connection issue or crashing issue that kept you starting over over over after a while u stop playing now for the 3rd time I am back in lever 36 last time gamegos.
I have a big problem i haveux loose m'y coffee and i Was thé boss can you help to find m'y coffee or to push out italien from m'y équipe manoir hante thanks à lot for helping

By crashing you imply that the game would freeze, yet stable would continue playing for the most part, and the diversion would need to be force shut in spite of the fact that this occasionally didn't work and would require a hard reset? Right? I have same issue. 

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