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Disappering Fame, Losing Cups

 I started out with over 6100 fame and was getting closer to earning the C cup but everytime I go into the game whether I've been away for 5 minutes or for a few hours, I lose about 500 fame or more. I am now down to the F cup and 970 fame( for now). Another issue is If I earn 2 stars in an event I lose 10 cups/fame everytime. My  daily tasks is only refreshing every 48 hours instead of 24. Please fix the issue. I play several times a day and currently at level 33. All of this started since the update 2-3 days ago. I love this game and am sad to see it starting to fail/ go downhill. 

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I have a similar issue, when I enter the game I lose about 30 cups rigt away.....

I also have a question about fame. How often do we need to login to ensure we don't lose fame? It is something I would like to share with my group. I played Hollywood Stories and if we didnt play for a few days we lost fans. It seems like we lose fame if we don't login a certain amount of times a day. Is there a method to losing fame? Thanks

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