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Game Suggestions

I would like to suggest a couple things, first would be a "are you sure" button when purchasing things with diamonds.  This past weekend I purchased 120 diamonds two times and each time accidentally bought a pair of shoes that I did NOT want, wasted 69 diamonds each time.  I am not going to purchase diamonds any more until this is fixed because twice in two days it happened.

Also, is there a way to sort items by color?  Shoes and purses is such a big category that sorting by color would be very helpful.

A delete button would be great, I don't need 55 pair of green lips when I only have maybe 1 or 2 pair I use and it takes me forever to find them in the sea of lips that I don't want or will ever use.  (same goes for eyes)

It would really be nice to have new events instead of constantly recycling the old ones.  It's not a challenge anymore.

I also think that when voting we should be allowed to choose a "next" and not vote for either person in the vote when they aren't wearing anything at all that pertains to the theme, when you see two people in the beach scene wearing sweaters, pants and ski hats, I don't want to vote for either of them, it's ridiculous!  Voting needs to be a lot more fair.  It would be nice to see the name of the person when you are voting as well.

Also, for people who have opened all their chests and/or stores and are level "A", how about a throwback store that would offer certain throwback offers and change items maybe once a week or two, give them something to work for and look forward to.

I've gotten 3  "5-star" looks this weekend and didn't get a bonus that we were told would be coming for people who have 5 star looks, the items that were released in the stores that were not supposed to be released that were meant for prize awards.  What happened to that?

Thanks for listening, there is a lot more I've ran in to this past weekend but can't remember right now, when I do, I'll let you know!

It is very sad that there are such issues, I hope they will not be repeated again.

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